Welcome to the International Workshop on Cyber Deception and Defenses 2018

Deception has been known to mankind for a long time. However, the advent of the Internet spurred a host of new applications of deception. In the International Workshop on Cyber Deception and Defenses 2018, we discuss recent developments related to deception in cyberspace and countermeasures. A number of notable experts from academia, industry, government, and funding agencies are expected to attend.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • psychological and social-cultural adversarial mental models that can be used to estimate and predict adversarial mental states and decision processes;
  • adversary observation/learning schemes through both active multi-level “honey bait” systems and passive watching, in conjunction with active learning and reasoning to deal with partial information and uncertainties;
  • metrics for quantifying deception effectiveness in driving adversary mental state and in determining optimized deception information composition and projection;
  • theoretical formulation for a one-shot or multiple rounds of attacker/defender interaction models that can fully capture the rich dynamics of cyber deceptions;
  • identification of social/cultural factors in mental state estimation and decision manipulation process;
  • AI ethics;
  • Cyber Maneuver and Adaptive Defenses.


  • Dr. Ankur Srivastava (University of Maryland)
  • Dr. Dana Dachman-Soled (University of Maryland)
  • Dr. Cliff Wang (U.S. Army Research Office)
  • Dr. Edward Colbert (U.S. Army Research Laboratory)
  • Student organizer: Yuntao Liu (University of Maryland)